The Mindset Habits of a Happy Healthy Mamma

The Mindset Habits of a Happy Healthy Mamma


D6 Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right!

Did you know only 6% of people who attempt to diet actually succeed with less than half being able to hold the weight off long term. Not a great recipe for success is it? The reason this happens? Mindset!

Tony Robbins says Success comes down to 20% strategy and 80% psychology. Whether you believe you can achieve your goals or believe you can’t determine your success. If we want to get lasting results, we need to change what happens in our head and heart. 

As a child, I remember my Mum always being on a diet. She would read ‘Shape Magazine’ and follow the diets in the pages. She would restrict herself of calories, complain about exercising and then break on cheese and Jatz or potato chips. She would go from being extremely healthy with her diet, to then eating oven baked chicco rolls with tonnes of salt. I remember her complaining about her ‘thunder thigs’ as look so disappointed every time she got on the scale. I believe my toxic relationship with food started from watching her yoyo her way through eating. Remember ‘Your life is your child’s curriculum, doesn’t it make sense to ditch the diets (they don’t work anyway) and build a healthy relationship with yourself, where you take great care of you and reach your optimal weight?

Get ready for the woo woo

I love me some hypnosis and there is no one better than Marissa Peer. Marissa believes weight loss isn’t about diet and exercise, rather an inner confidence and deep liking (loving) of self. She believes if we can know were enough, we no longer need to keep weight on. Pretty deep stuff, but it makes sense

Did you know if you take the time to program your mindset to focus on what you want to achieve you are more likely to stick to the required actions to be successful? When a Mamma is inspired and has strong enough conviction there is nothing stopping her. If you’re someone who has struggled to lose the weight since giving birth, stop being hard on yourself and start reprogramming your mind to align with what you want to achieve. There are many things you can do to reprogram your mind to increase your chances to lose weight. I have listed a few below (and would love any suggestions from you – post in the comments below) 

  1. Vision board – create a vision of what you want to achieve 
  2. Listen to hypnosis tracks – I have provided some great ones below
  3. Chant incantations as you exercise, some examples could be “you never regret a workout”, “I love my body”, “I can do this”, “I am enough, I am loved, I am safe”
  4. Read your goals and why daily
  5. Surround yourself with people who have achieved the goal already – you become the average of the five people you spend the most time with 
  6. Visualise you having already achieved the goal
  7. Flip it – when you hear yourself say something negative, instantly flip it by challenging it. 
  8. State work using your physiology, focus and language 
  9. Act as though you already are – this is my favourite. When I was a PT I would get my clients to write down all the things they would be doing once they lost the weight, often they would write things like ‘go for a walk down the beach in a bikini, take a dance class, dress in sexy lingerie etc…. I would then get them to do those things or modifications of them.

Whatever it is for you, find ways where you can get familiar and comfortable with the goal you want to achieve.

Great hypnosis and meditation tracks for weight loss

Hypnosis for weight loss

30 Day Hypnosis Weight Loss Challenge  

Exercise Motivation 

COACH ACTION: Everyday take a moment to visualise your goal and perform one of the Positive Mindset Actions. Bonus points if you a guided hypnosis everyday (always good before bed)

I love doing these hypnosis sessions in bed, especially with Austin. This is my happy place. Now to do it consistently 

Tomorrow we will talk about the Daily Action Plan

Happy Shopping

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