3 Tips Every Mum Should Know when Creating a Night-time Routine

3 Tips Every Mum Should Know when Creating a Night-time Routine


Want the secret to have a great day? Set up a night-time routine because it will make all the difference

Do you find your day starts before you do? You’re lying in bed, dreaming of unicorns and then WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH its your early morning baby alarm clock waking you up. As soon as your baby’s up you’re up. Maybe you can bring them into bed for a little snuggle and semi bonus shut eye (that’s if hair pulling and being used as a jungle gym constitute as shut eye), but unlike your actual alarm clock, you can’t hit snooze on a baby.

The morning starts with a bang, feeding, nappy changes, toys and getting breakfast sorted. Before too long its mid-morning and you still have not managed to get out of your pjs, let alone do all the other things on your to do list.

A new(ish) Mum

As a new(ish) Mum, I have spent a lot of time trying to establish the perfect morning routine which was near most impossible to follow because I was never prepared and didn’t have the time to get organised in the morning. My ideal morning would start with meditation, a yoga session, hair blow dried and a shower. The only problem – I would start my day behind the 8 ball and unable to catch my tail. At first I thought the things on my list were the issue, but the truth – I wasn’t organised enough to get them done. If I had take a little time each night to get organised I would be able to achieve what was on my list.

The more I researched the less organised I felt. 99 out of every 100 recommendations on having a successful day were all about the morning routine (which I was already doing), but it wasn’t until I stumbled on the concept of a night routine (thanks Kimberly Snyder) did my life change. The morning isn’t the best place to start if you want a successful day. If you want to get a jump on the day, you need to be prepared.

Hello night-time routine

When I first heard about having a night-time routine all I could think was skin care. But a night-time routine is vital if you want to optimise your next day. Being planned and prepared means you can get back into control and have everything you need for the following day already set up.

Here are my top three tips for creating an epic night-time routine

Night-time Routine Tip Number One – Plan Beautiful Mamma

When planning for the next day there are a few things to consider. Although it’s best to create your own categories for the day, here are the ones I use to get myself organised. You can use my daily planner to make life easier.

Health and Well being night-time routine

  1. Nourish: What healthy nourishing foods will you and your family eat tomorrow? How can you prepare these foods in advance (think chopping, organising the fridge so the ingredients are easy to grab, cooking in advance, water bottles filled)?
  2. Move: What exercise will you do tomorrow? How can you get organised in advance (get clothes out the night before, pick workout, have equipment ready)? If you want a quick yoga routine this is one of my all time favs! I’ve just saved you from having to search for one.
  3. Soul: What mind / soul work will you do tomorrow? This could be meditation, gratitude practice. How can you prepare for this (have gratitude diary ready, prep Instagram story quote, write daily intention on bathroom mirror)?
  4. Self Care: what can you do to take great care of yourself

night time routine

Baby Love night-time routine

  1. Play: What fun activities will you do with your baby? How can you be prepared (toy rotation, sensory play activities, clothes, baby bag packed, play date organised, book for reading etc…)
  2. Love: What will you do to create a happy, healthy home full of love? How can you be prepared (music, family dinner, time to enjoy time together)?
  3. Nourish: what healthy foods will baby eat and enjoy? How can you prepare these foods in advance (think chopping, organising the fridge so the ingredients are easy to grab, cooking in advance)
  4. Learn: What new things do you want to teach baby? What will you need to do this?

your night time routine

Friends and relationships night-time routine

  1. Friends: What friends will you reach out to and let them know you love them?
  2. Catch Up: Who will you catch up with? What can you bring or do to create a magic moment? What do you need to organise so you can go easily (think baby bag, hats, sunscreen, food, location, travel time)?
  3. Love: How can you connect with your partner and love them today?

night time routine

Household shizzle night-time routine

  1. Cleaning: What cleaning can you do today?
  2. Admin: What bills or household admin do you need to do for the day?

night time routine

Work night-time routine

  1. Work: what work needs to get done today? What would be a great achievement

night time routine

Now of course I don’t do everything on the list, but these are a great jumping off point to get started. Each evening if you ask yourself these three questions you will have everything covered

  1. What would need to happen to make tomorrow a great day?
  2. How can I get prepared so it will be a great day? What do I need to do?
  3. What intention can I set so I experience a great day? E.g. I live tomorrow with love, happiness and joy

Night-time Routine Tip Number Two – Organise

After you have decided on the activities you want to do for the day, the next step is to book the time required for each activity and go and do all the things you need to do to be organised. Lay your workout clothes out, food prep for the next day, get your baby’s toys, clothes, nappy bag ready and/or put the pram in the car if you’re going out for a fun adventure. Whatever it is, get it sorted.

In addition, make sure you have packed everything from the day away as it’s always refreshing to start your day clean and ready to go Waking up to a clean and organised house does wonders for the soul and it helps keep you organised the following day because everything is already in its place.

Night-time Routine Tip Number Three – Meditate

Once you have finished, take 5 minutes to meditate and focus on what you have achieved. As you practice deep breathing, give gratitude to yourself for getting organised and planning your day. It’s important to finish your night-time routine with a little self-love because it acts like a reward for all your effort.

Anyway, that’s my night-time routine. It’s simple, easy to do and only takes moment to complete. As my favorite self-organisation quote goes, for every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned. Sounds pretty good to me.

If you have an recommendations for what you do in your night-time routine I would love to hear them.  As a recovering disorganized pixie, I am always on the lookout for ideas from Mamma’s who are already succeeding in their day.

Love and happy night time routines

AKA Urban Mamma

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