Ok, let’s start from the top!
Who is “Urban Mamma” and
where did she come from?

Let me tell you all about me
and my unexpected journey
to Mammahood.


A Mamma with a love for creating a healthy, happy home, re-creating a long lean sexy body and who doesn’t take herself too seriously unless trying to perfect the world’s best zucchini slice.

Synonyms: Home Chef, Fitness Dabbler, Coach, Lover of My Partner, Houghnut Addict, Farmers Market Advocate, Career Woman and Lover of Learning

See Also: Mum, Mummy, Soul Sista, Farm Girl, Chanel Lover, Undercover Hippie


Ronnie: “I thought you said you were good on rides”
Me: “I am…. (throws up in bin… Again), I don’t know what is wrong with me and what’s with my boobs – they really hurt!”
Ronnie: Hmmmmm

You see, this would normally be an exciting time, but for a woman aged 38, who from the age of 16 was told she would never have kids, it was a massive shock. Not to mention my new Partner had made it clear he didn’t think he wanted any more kids. This wasn’t a problem, as all my life Dr’s had told me having a baby was impossible. We were both looking forward to a life of just us. In fact, our trip to LA and NYC was the first of many overseas adventures to occur now that his youngest child had finished school.

I remember seeing ‘You’re pregnant’ boldly displayed on the pregnancy stick and thinking FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK. In fact, I think I declared this a number of times before emerging from the bathroom to face my Partner. You see, I never thought I would be a natural mum, I was never clucky and had accepted my life would be kid free. I had an amazing career which I had worked hard for. It ticked every box – freedom, travel, awesome pay, executive influence and a team I loved. In fact, I had managed to land in a workplace ranked as the number 1 IT company in Australia’s Great Places to Work study.

I was in control, running two departments and doing work I loved. Why in the hell would I want to change any of this for something I didn’t even know if I wanted?

As Ronnie and I walked the promenade of Manhattan beach discussing our options, it dawned on me – no matter what decision I made it was going to be a forever one. If I chose to be a mum, it would be forever and, if I chose not to, I would never experience what most women say is the greatest love and purpose in  life. As I rubbed my belly I knew what the decision needed to be – I had to have this baby! I was in love!

Telling Ronnie was a difficult decision and one where I had to accept he may end up leaving me. Saying to the man you love that you’re going to break a promise and have a child he didn’t want while also giving him the option to leave was both heartbreaking and terrifying. BUT, as with most things worthwhile in life, it was the right thing to do.

Fast-forward 7 months and 1 week and I’m now sitting in bed, waiting for my beautiful baby boy to be born, living with Ronnie and feeling so much love and happiness for this little angel about to enter my life. I’m stopping work (which has been a challenge) and am preparing myself to embark on the next chapter of my life – Being a Mum. It is this reason I have created Urban Mamma. Let’s be honest, being a fulltime mum is going to be the biggest motivator to live a life that is big, bold and full of colour. Don’t get me wrong, I dont believe the only way to have a fulfilled life is by having children. For me, I want to be a Mamma! I want to embrace it with everything I have. PSA: This is a no-judgement zone – if being a full-time mum works for you, that’s awesome, if being a career mum with a full time nanny makes your heart happy (Gwyneth moment) that’s also awesome and if you are somewhere in between well that works too. I have heard enough Mum’s share stories about how difficult it is being a mum without having judgement from other Mamma’s about what motherhood should look like.

Urban Mamma is part diary, part Mum’s Group and part Wellness Concierge.  BUT, what it really is, is a place for Mammas to come together and celebrate each other as we navigate the journey of being the best versions of ourselves, loving the life we live, getting back into shape and creating homes that are happy, healthy and full of love. It’s a place to share our experiences and learnings about motherhood as well as laugh when we totally mess things up. Urban Mamma is about truth and being real.

It’s funny, I was talking to my obstetrician and sharing how I was feeling guilty about being ready for my pregnancy to be over and feeling a little miserable and he said, “I feel for mothers, all they see are Instragram accounts filled with beautifully dressed, white teeth laughing women hashtagging how blessed they are to be pregnant”. He continued… “pregnancy and motherhood can be wonderful and beautiful, and it can also be hard, frustrating, messy and tough”. His advice, “be true and accept all things”! This was something I could get behind.

So Gorgeous Mamma – Welcome to Urban Mamma! I hope we get to hang out and unashamedly share every single awesome, messy, funny and loving moment of being a Mamma!

If it has to do with baby Adidas
shoes, personal development,
recipe experimenting and

I also like consuming and sharing information in
either a 3, 5, 7 or 9 step plan – something that
is actionable. So here goes my ‘plan’
for being a Mamma.

1. Be kind – there is no perfection

As a bit of a control freak and dabbler in perfectionism, I have realised being a Mamma and cultivating a loving home can’t be perfectly planned in an anally retentive manner. It’s an art form and one that can change in a second. The only way to build this foundation is through kindness. Kindness to self, kindness to other Mammas (no more raising your eyebrows and bitch shaming another woman for her parenting style) and kindness to our men who love and adore us.

2. Eat More Greens

As an ex-personal trainer and Tony Robbins Health Coach the one thing I learned quickly is if you want to be healthy, you must find what works for your body. There is no one size fits all golden bullet diet that will get your post pregnancy body back into shape. Eating is to be enjoyed and the goal is to maximise nutrients, eat tasty food you love and freely enjoy some of the so-called “naughty” stuff in a non-guilty way. Oh, and if you are ever in doubt, follow your grandma’s advice and eat more greens.

3. Find the Positive

Lately I have been in a bit of a slump – I have had a lot of fears come up around being a mum, past hurts, doubts and just a negative thundercloud over my head. Ronnie has had to deal with a lot of this and last night said he needed the positive me to come back and fair enough too. Creating a happy, healthy, home starts with you (me) being happy, healthy and radiating with love. If Mamma isn’t happy, no one is. Happiness is an internal job and comes from a healthy dose of gratitude, getting out in sunshine and having faith that life is going to be great. These, coupled with great friendships, soulful sex sessions, killer activewear and, of course, that perfect wash and blow dry all contribute to this Mamma’s happiness!

4. Move Yo Body and Celebrate its Beauty

I love the girls from Tone it Up, especially Kat who has been sharing her post pregnancy journey. Having a baby and getting back into shape takes time, focus and self-permission. What I love about Kat’s philosophy (I feel like I know her) is it’s simple – love your body and move in ways your love. Exercise isn’t a punishment, it’s a way to feel amazing. If you love dancing, dance. If you love running, get your shoes on and hit the pavement and most importantly do it with a girlfriend (or post it in our Facebook group and we can hold each other accountable)

5. You have 18 Summers

The ‘you only have 18 summers’ post is going crazy on Instagram at the moment and I love it. Of course we have more than 18 summers with our children, but after about 18 (and that’s being generous) your beloved baby (adult child) is going to have his/her own life and not want to hang out with Mamma so much. I think this is an excellent metaphor for motherhood. Let’s enjoy each stage and make the time to prioritise what’s really important – family and love. I tend to get caught up in stress, to do lists and worry and forget the awesomeness I have. Family! Its time to invest in relationships especially the ones under our own roof.

The Official Bio

Susanne King has a background in Personal Training, was a Peak Performance Coach for Tony Robbins and acted as a Senior Executive for a global IT company specialising in Marketing and Vibe. She has studied Nutrition and Wellness Coaching at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and has an economics degree from Sydney University. She’s passionate about all thing’s health, travel and assisting others to be the best version of themselves. In a past life she spoke in front of crowds of over 4000 people about what they could do to achieve a life beyond their wildest dreams. When she isn’t listening to podcasts on healthy living, you will find Susanne hanging with family and trying to perfect the most delicious zucchini slice or green soup recipe.