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Netflix Not Cutting It? Check Out Mammaflix mommy vloggers

Netflix Not Cutting It? Check Out Mammaflix


Bored with Netflix? I hear you! I don’t love tv at the best of times, but there are moments when I just want to watch something about being a Mummy to give you that boost and let you know it’s going to be ok and you’re doing a great job (because you are). I hope these video’s give you a boost of positivity for the day. These Mommy Vloggers are ones to watch. 

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Kristina Kuzmic

If you need a sassy, funny and honest Mamma Cheerleader, Kristina’s your gal. After experiencing divorce, single parenting, poverty, depression she created videos that would have been what she wanted during her darkest time. Here are some of my favourites

What do Moms even do all day

What we tell ourselves

Good Enough

Katrina Scott Tone It Up

I love Katrina, I have watched her videos so many times it feels like she’s a well-known bestie hanging out. Her attitude towards body image and motherhood is refreshing

Body Image, Breastfeeding & Self Care

How to cope with Postpartum Depression and Baby Blues

Molly Sims

If you just feel like girl time, these videos do the trick. Sometimes they are a little Gwyneth Paltro-esque but still worthy of a watch 

Real Talk: Body After Baby feat. Jen Chae from Head to Toe

Mom Guilt, Sex and Social Media with Tammin Sursok

What videos do you like to watch? I would love some recommendations


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