Slide MOM TRUTH You know those days where you just need a little encouragement? This is your place! Hit the button for a daily dose of love and #mumtruth! You’re doing a great job Mamma!

Love you xx
Give it
Slide One More Hey you Sexy, Talented, Awesome Mamma! Run your own race, follow your own path and be your own activation. Sometimes we wait for other people to tell us ‘we’re right for the job’, or ‘we should follow that awesome idea’ or even it could be a Doctor telling us what we already know to be true. Trust your gut Mamma and follow your inner guidance. It’s more powerful and wise than any expert or guru! You are a great Mamma; you are the light of your little one’s life.

“Where there is a Mamma, there is Magic”

Love Susanne x
Slide One More Hey Gorgeous Mamma! If you’re going through something, ask yourself, what would you say to your best girlfriend? What would you do for her if she were going through this moment?

NOW… say your wise words to yourself and go do that beautiful thing for yourself. You deserve the love of yourself. If you need help, ask for it. If you need time out, take it and if you want to be a priority, prioritize yourself.

‘Each time a Mamma stands for herself, she stands for all Mammas”

Love Susanne x
Slide One More Give me a ‘H’, H! Give me an ‘E’, E! Give me a ‘Y’, Why? Because I said so! I was Head Cheerleader for Sydney Uni, so I’m an expert on all things Cheer! A great cheerleader shouts what’s true, positive and encouraging. How often is your self-talk true, positive and encouraging? If its anything less, you need to kick that grumpster to the curve and cheer yourself on. Whatever you need encouragement about you can give it to yourself. You’re killing it as a Mum and your family are lucky to have you!

“I’m sexy, I’m cute, I’m popular to boot”

Love Susanne
Slide One More Hey Beautiful Mamma, Self-discipline is the greatest form of self-love you can give yourself. Stop procrastinating and go do that thing you’ve been putting off (yes, that thing). You can do it and you’ll feel great once it’s done. Now stop scrolling through the interweb and get it done

Love and Smiles

Slide One More Hey Beautiful Mamma, OOOPS! You F*cked up today.

Stop justifying your actions. It happened, own it, and let it go! You are human and these things happen. If you need to say sorry, go say it and remember these moments are here to make us better. They are here to teach us something so we can give and be more.

“There are only so many f*#ks to give, use them wisely”

Love Susanne
Slide One More Hey Mamma, That thing you’re not smiling about, will you even remember it tomorrow, in a week, in a year? If not then smile! Today is an awesome day to have a happy day. Happiness is not a destination, rather a choice. You have so much to be happy for so focus on all that is lovely, kind, wonderful and good for the spirit. The other stuff actually doesn’t have anything to do with you.

“If you want to be happy, do not dwell on the past, do not worry about the future, focus on living fully in the present”

Love Susanne
Slide One More Mamma! Get Up and Do It! If you’re looking for a sign, this is it. You hit this button because you wanted some motivation and now you’ve got it. Don’t pause, don’t think, GO! Take an action right now. Every step towards what you want to achieve creates momentum to keep going.

You’ve got this!

Love Austin’s Mum (yes, it was one of those days)
Slide One More Heya Mamma, Stop following everyone’s advice (including this advice). Take the advice that works for you and get rid of the rest. Just because someone has said it, it doesn’t make it true. Follow your heart and be your own guru. You have a message and a purpose, and you know what you’re doing.

Go for it! I believe in you, you are already more than enough

“How do I find a guru? Look within”

Love Susanne
Slide One More Hey Super Mamma, Bring passion to everything you do. Not because you have to, because you want to. Every moment we live is worthy of our focus, attention and passion. Its not about finding something to be passionate about, its about bringing your passion to the present and allowing it to flow through all things (even washing dishes)

Follow your bliss and let your passion grow

Much love

Susanne xx
Slide One More Hey Spirit Mamma, Some days you just need to channel your biggest, badass of a spirit animal you can think of and attack the day. You’ve got it in you to get through anything and come out the other side stronger, fitter, better!

“They threw me to the wolves, and I came back leading the pack”

Much love

Susanne xxx
Slide One More Hey Party Mamma, Do you have a decision you need to make but don’t know which way to go? Take a breath and connect in with your heart and ask yourself “what is the highest and best possible course of action I could take right now?” and wait until the answer you get is a “Hell Yes”. There is no rush, take the time and make your decision. You know what’s right

Much love

Susanne xxx
Slide One More Hey Mamma, Ever feel like you’re lost? In the monotony of motherhood, it can sometimes feel like you have no purpose. The truth it you always have a purpose. What you’re doing right now is your purpose. Don’t waste time wondering and stressing about your purpose. As you bring excellence and enjoyment to everything you do, slowly and surely your purpose will reveal itself to you. The dots will always connect. Follow your heart and trust! You’ve got this!

“You can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So, you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something – your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever”

Love Susanne
Slide One More Hey Rockstar Mamma, You’ve been way too seriously lately. Time to tear it up and have some fun.
Don’t forget the woman behind the Mum. She deserves some attention too

“There’s no half-singing in the shower, you’re either a rock star or an opera diva”

Much love
Slide One More Hey Mamma Chef, When all else fails – Cook Zucchini Slice

You can thank me later

“Happiness is mothers cooking”

Much love

Slide One More Hey Mamma, What’s this I hear; you don’t love yourself? HUH!?! Why not!?!

There is so much to love about you. You are talented, beautiful, kind, generous, intelligent, and loving. You are so deserving of the love you give others. If you are in the need of love, start by loving yourself. You grandma was right,

“No one will love you, until you love yourself”

Love Susanne xxx
Slide Hey Urban Mamma! Just wanted to say thanks for being on this site. I see you and think you’re great!

Let’s create ripples of happiness, love and joy for our families and the broader community. We have the power to change the world.

“Be the change you want to see in the world”

Much love

Susanne xoxo
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