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15 Tips from Latham Thomas on Keeping your Mama Glow Mama Glow

15 Tips from Latham Thomas on Keeping your Mama Glow


‘You really start to glow when you’re happy. Mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally. So Mamma, continue getting your shizzle together and be happy’ ~ Latham Thomas Mama Glow

The other day I was chatting to a group of  approximately 30 women and asked them what they thought of when they heard the word ‘Motherhood’. I was guessing they would say things like purposeful, loving, joyous, but the reality was very different. Words like ‘tired’, ‘haggard’, ‘fat’ or ‘frumpy’ were shared. These women were not new to the world of Motherhood, they were veterans and I guess the word had taken on a different meaning. I know all of them love being a Mum, but it would be ignorant to think being a Mum doesn’t take a toll and doesn’t have a shadow side. 

In the same week, I went to my Mum’s Group and guess what? The same topic was being discussed in a more subtle way. As I listened to the ‘20-something’ Mums jokingly chat about how ‘old’ they looked I was intrigued (especially as the only 40-year-old Mum). These Mum’s look incredible, they’re beautiful, have great skin and look so youthful. As I listened, I knew there was more to the story. They weren’t really complaining about looking older, they were reflecting on how they were feeling since shifting all their time, energy and focus on baby, baby, baby!

Is Mama Glow a common story?

It’s a common story, Mum has baby, baby becomes priority and all the little rituals of skin care, drinking enough water, having long sensual glow inducing sex-a-thon sessions with their man and going to the beautician fall to the way side. Before Austin I was obsessed with Radiance Rituals. Those little things I could do daily, making me feel empowered, confident, feminine, and well… radiant. 

I loved my beauty blitz nights, I loved shopping, wearing pretty lingerie, lighting candles, listening to femme fatale inspired music, reading books on the ‘womanly arts’, soaking in rose petal baths (thanks Soul Sista Inna for introducing), going to the day spa and sacrificing my credit card at the alter of Chanel. BUT once I fell pregnant everything changed. My focus on non-toxic living went next level. Getting my hair and nails done was off the list. Wearing perfume was the equivalent of wearing Round-up and the thought of doing anything that could harm the beautiful little boy growing inside was culled. 

What about the woman behind the Mum?

Although I am happy I did this while pregnant, I don’t think the same approach needs to be taken now Austin is happily living in the outside world. I’ve realized in the process of having a toxic-free pregnancy, I fell out of the habit of looking after myself and lost Susanne in the process of giving my all to my baby.

The first nine months have been a journey of breast pumping, increasing milk supply, healing from a stair incident where I ended up with moon boots on both feed with a 6 week old, having to stay indoors due to the Australian Bush Fires, having to stay indoors due to COVID-19, not to mention learning how to do all things Mum. There was no time for radiance rituals, having a shower and brushing my hair was a win. 

Life has a funny way of kicking your butt into gear when you’re ready. Late one night I found myself scrolling through Instagram and there she was, Mamma Glow walking femininely through her urban vegetable garden. I don’t know what it was about the video that grabbed my attention but a small fire  ignited within me. With my pumping coming to an end, it’s time to start re-incorporating habits of beauty, femininity and radiance back in my life.

I had followed Mamma Glow (Latham Thomas or Glow Maven) during my pregnancy and hadn’t given her another thought since Austin was born. I think its serendipitous this happened on Austin’s 9 month birthday. Nine months in the womb, Nine Months in the world. 

Who is Mama Glow

Let me introduce you! You know those light filled, radiant, feminine, goddess-esque women who seem to light up the world wherever they go? Latham is her. She’s effortless and has a glow about her that can only come from a well taken care of, self-loving, unapologetically herself woman.  Lathan started MamaGlow as a means to support women along the continuum of motherhood.

You only have to read what she believes about birth to get a sense of what Mama Glow is really about. I don’t believe your Mama Glow stops once you give birth but continues as you recalibrate your new sense of self as Mum and a woman. 

‘Mama Glow is an abundant, radiant energy that comes from within. It’s your initiation, birthing yourself as a powerful woman, as you prepare to give birth to your bundle of joy.

Birth is our rite of passage, a ceremony marking a transformative stage in your life, and Mama Glow is our birthright—to walk in immense grace, power, and wisdom, to have understanding, reverence, and the deepest trust in our bodies.

Having faith in the benevolent universe and being an active participant in the co-creation of your beautiful life. This act of standing in your power ignites a force within that glows from the inside out. This is a call to all women to reclaim their bodies and the birth process as sacred. It’s a personal style that reflects confidence, beauty, radiance, and balance’.

Let’s find out how Latham Thomas owns her glow, enjoys luminous living and crowns the Queen Within (Ok, I didn’t write this, I stole it from the cover of her book… it just sounds soooooooo gooooooooooooooood)


Implement one or all of these Mama Glow tips to get your glow on!

Own Your Glow Tip 1 – Establish Your Own Personal Glow Ritual

It doesn’t matter what it is, it just has to make you feel radiant. It could be going for an early morning pram walk to your favourite café and enjoying a cup of almond chai, or what about taking the time to get your nails done or having a great blow out. We know what to do to make ourselves feel uniquely feminine and goddess like. Having a baby doesn’t mean you stop doing and enjoying these things. As you build your internal radiance, not only do you have more to give your baby, you provide a great example of self-esteem and self-respect. 

Recently I was chatting with a Mum who was sharing how her baby was refusing to take the bottle. She believed it was because her baby knew it was a way to get her Mum to stay put with her for moments in the day. At first you might think this is a little sad, but on the contrary, this Mum is equally passionate about fulfilling her life goals as well as loving her baby. She radiates freshness wherever she goes and always has a sense of self assuredness that comes from following your own path. Living life on your terms is Mama Glow.

Own Your Glow Tip 2 – Enjoy Great Food

If you’re eating UberEATS style on the regular, chances are your glow radar is going to on the dim setting. Mamma, stop feeding yourself crap food. Take the time to eat more plants and wholefoods. Nourishing your body is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. Even if its enjoying a Green Smoothie in the morning

Own Your Glow Tip 3 – Affirm Yourself

It’s so easy to fall into the trap of comparison-itis and all this does it steal your glow. I love watching Austin enjoy who he is. It doesn’t matter if crawling all over me flashing his cute little nude bottom, or talking to himself in the mirror, Austin enjoys being Austin. When do we start to lose the magnificence of who we are. Do you know how unique and precious you are? The probability of you even existing is 1 in 102,685,000 — yes, that’s a 10 followed by 2,685,000 zeroes. Rather than comparing yourself to the Mamma next to you, get busy loving yourself

Own Your Glow Tip 4 – Move in Ways You Love

I love all the body positive messages fitness professionals are shouting. Slowly and surely the days of “torch that muffin top” are burning out. I remember as a PT working with a woman who had MS. She was so diligent with her training. Her reason – movement was a privilege. She never knew if her condition was going to prevent her from running, yoga bending or lifting heavy things. She wanted to feel and do it all! 

Own Your Glow Tip 5 – Build Other Women! Love the Mammahood

A good friend’s daughter was going through a hard time with some girls at school. Although the bullying was terrible, as we sat at lunch together, what surprised me was the amount of trash talk she was dishing out to girls walking by. It was as though her mean girl was on overdrive. I had known her for some time and had never heard her speak this way. When I asked why, she embarrassingly tried to justify. It wasn’t until I shared my concern was not for the other girls, but for her own self esteem – if she could speak so badly about strangers, I wondered what she was saying to herself. I

f you can’t build other women up, you don’t have much chance building yourself. If you live in an internal world of judgement, comparison, jealousy, and need to tear other women to feel good, life needs to change. This has been an area I have struggled with, not the tear other women down part, but being afraid of women because I would often compare my worst parts with their best parts. The past few months I have worked hard to stop this comparison and feel comfortable being with women. I am believing I can have great girlfriends and be myself.

Own Your Glow Tip 6 – Have fun in the kitchen

To be fulfilled there are six human needs which need to be met. One of which is the need for growth. There is a great saying, ‘you’re either green and growing or ripe and rotten’. People who stop growing and learning stop having a zest for life. Taking the time to read a great book, watch a TedTalk or listen to a podcast outside of all the cool shizzle you’re learning around Mammahood. Learning new things makes you interesting, not only to others, but most importantly, to yourself. A woman who is growing always has a Mama Glow

Own Your Glow Tip 7 – Invest in your Mind

To be fulfilled there are six human needs which need to be met. One of which is the need for growth. There is a great saying, ‘you’re either green and growing or ripe and rotten’. People who stop growing and learning stop having a zest for life. Taking the time to read a great book, watch a TedTalk or listen to a podcast outside of all the cool shizzle you’re learning around Mammahood. Learning new things makes you interesting, not only to others, but most importantly, to yourself.

Mama Glow - Glow Maven

Own Your Glow Tip 8 – Nesting

Nesting doesn’t have to stop post pregnancy. Continually make space for all the new and wonderful things you want in your life. If you want to get into great shape, throw out all the junk food and make space for healthy, yummy wholefoods. If you want to enjoy being calmer, buy some plants and candles and make space for areas to meditate. Maybe, you’re a single Mum and want a new husband, throw out all your ex’s crap, clear space in your wardrobe and make space for a man to come into your life. What ever it is, make space for the life you want to live by making physical space in your home

Mama Glow in her garden

Own Your Glow Tip 9 – Surround Yourself with Beauty

Let me start by saying I’m not talking about hair, makeup or fashion, Im talking about creating beauty around us.  It was in my 20’s when I realised my need for beauty and beautiful things wasn’t silly. As women, we are drawn to beauty, but sadly, many of us don’t put a lot of effort in making our spaces beautiful. Mainly, because, we’re busy making everyone else’s lives better. There is something special about surrounding yourself with beauty. It does something for our soul. Find out what beauty means to you and surround yourself with all the things that spark joy within. Beauty and Mama Glow go hand in hand

Own Your Glow Tip 10 – Quality Relationships

Want to glow? Get rid of toxic people. Clearing out the weeds of unhealthy relationships not only frees us to enjoy the company of great friends, but also prepares us for the next phase of our life. I experienced this before Austin was born. I had a girlfriend no one liked. Every time I would invite her to parties, I would often leave her company feeling yucky. People would often remark how “strange” she was. It wasn’t until she snapped at my EA for cancelling a catch up as I was in labour did, I realise the true nature of the relationship. Life is busy, don’t waste it on yucky people. 

Mama Glow - Latham Thomas

Own Your Glow Tip 11 – Glow Inspiring Sex

I could write an entire blog on this topic. I love sex, I love how connected I feel, and much fun can be had. Since having Austin, my sex drive has, sadly, been at an all time low. In my search for answers, I stumbled across OMGYes, an online course on women’s sexual pleasure. Enjoying great sex is as much a mental game as it is a physical one and after having a baby, practicing Kegels regularly is a must. Taking time to understand and explore your own sensuality is definitely mama glow inspiring. 

Own Your Glow Tip 12 – Skin Care

I’ve been stepping up my skin care game. It wasn’t hard given I was doing absolutely nothing. Having little moments of time to pamper ourselves is a great energiser. Now, I know I don’t need to share with you all the reasons you should be taking care of your skin but if there is one to be focused on it would be this, ‘a good skin care routine, helps establish other healthier routines and when we look good we feel good’. Get your skin care glow on

Latham Thomas - Mama Glow

Own Your Glow Tip 13 – Sleep

I remember a friend of mine saying to ignore the comments of never sleeping again. In her words, the topic was boring given how amazing being a new mum was. Thankfully Austin was sleeping through the night by 8 weeks but I wasn’t. I had to pump every two hours so my little guy could have fresh milk. I never really understood the value of sleep until it was gone. I know with kids it can be tricky but make sleep a priority. If you’re finding yourself feeling tired, ditch doing the washing and go have a sleep with your little one.  

Own Your Glow Tip 14 – Meditate with Purpose

What you focus on flows. Are you meditating on the things you want in life? A purposeful Mamma is always going to be a Mamma who glows. I believe the best we can give our children is a Mamma who is full of life, chasing down her dreams, taking good care of herself and loving life boldly. Do you take time to focus on what you want?

Mama Glow

Own Your Glow Tip 15 – Me Time

I love Ronnie. He understands the value of Me Time. Each Saturday morning, he gets up early, takes care of Austin and leaves me to do whatever I wish. At first, I found this hard, as I wanted to be with Austin, but as an introverted extrovert, having me time is vital. It’s the only way I get to re-energise. Taking this time enables me to be a better Mamma for Austin and a better Me for Me

Mama Glow

As I read through these tips, a small part of me is protesting, 

‘is this really important? why are you taking yourself so seriously, you don’t have time for all this stuff’

As I dig a little deeper, I realise the part of me protesting is the same part which doesn’t feel worthy enough of taking time to look after myself. Rather than indulge in this not enough-ness I can see it for what it is, a limiting story. With every step we take at looking after ourselves, the little part no longer has a hold. 

Take the time to implement at least one of these glow tips today and in the words of Latham Thomas,

Mamma! Get your Mama Glow on!  You glow, girl!

(Photo Cred: Latham Thomas)

Much Love

AKA Urban Mamma

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