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3 Day Organic Cold Pressed Juice Cleanse – Am I Detoxed Yet?


I love a good juice cleanse. I have done a few cleanses over my time. My favourite juice cleanse was when I was in LA and spent 10 days sipping greens at Kimberley Snyder’s Glow Bio and doing XtendBarre classes twice a day.  The results of the juice cleanse was outstanding, my skin was clear, I had great energy and at the time I was fit and lean. I have often reflected about my time in LA and wished I could go back to where my body was so healthy and vibrant, or maybe more like where my motivation and discipline levels were so high. Being in a relationship with a high metabolism junk food addict partner hasn’t been good for me.


So It wasn’t much of a surprise I was beyond excited when I stumbled across Sol Cleanse. They hit all the high notes of what a good juice cleanse includes, glass bottles, cold pressed, organic produce and so much more. With a few clicks my cleanse was on its away.

The reason I’m so passionate about juice cleanses is because my experience with them.  They are such a great way to flood your body with nutrient dense, digestive friendly liquids without a lot of effort or energy. Letting go of the need to prepare meals, clean up etc… is so freeing and I always walk away feeling great.

Juice Cleanse – Why the heck would you?

Our bodies are brilliant and are designed to suck in nutrients, eliminate waste and toxins and give us energy to live a full, happy and long life. There are so many ways you can help support your body to ‘do it’s thang’. The reason I love juice cleanses so much is they are so gentle and soothing on the body. You can’t help but feel fresh and clean after a juice cleans.

The benefits

According to Sol Cleanse, some of the reasons why juice cleanses are so powerful include

  1. Being on a liquid diet for a short period of time, allows your digestive system to rest. This means your body can spend its energy on restoring and repairing, rather than digesting.
  2. Fruit and vegetables are full of health-giving vitamins and minerals. When you juice fruit and vegetables you are separating the liquid (nutrient dense) portion of the fruit from the fiber, creating a “live” nutritional elixir that’s easy for your body to rapidly assimilate.  This floods the cells and tissues with vital nutrients and enzymes, eliminating the need for hours of digestion before your body can gain access to the nutrients and enzymes from food.
  3. Juicing allows you to consume a large amount and wide variety of fruit and vegetables easily, to make sure you are receiving the nutrients and enzymes you require. Different fruits and vegetables have different nutritional benefits, so consuming a wide variety of produce will allow for the full spectrum of nutrition.
  4. Juice cleanses provide an opportunity for detoxification, whilst also flooding the body with an abundance of nutrients. This means that (whilst it is preferable to take time out to relax), if necessary, people can continue with their daily activities while taking great care of their body
  5. Juices are rich in anti-inflammatory compounds that may boost the immune system and help a person feel more energetic
  6. Juices may aid in improving digestion by introducing healthy enzymes that make the gut work more efficiently.

In addition to the physical benefits, doing a juice cleanse is great emotionally and spiritually.

What is a Juice Cleanse?

Juice cleanses usually involve consuming only juices from vegetables and fruits for a set period to detoxify and reboot the body. Some juice cleanses, such as Sol, include additional protocols such as

  • Psyllium husks,
  • Probiotics,
  • Nut milks,
  • Teas,
  • Broths
  • Met D (water, cayenne pepper, Apple Cyder Vinegar).

A quality juice cleanse ensures a variety of fruits and vegetables are used to meet the nutritional needs of the “cleansee”. Most juice cleanses will typically last between 3-10 days. In addition to the cleanse you can consume water and lemon water.

It is important to note that there are differences between juicing and blending:

  • Juicing involves squeezing the juices from fresh vegetables and fruits and separating them from the fibrous pulp. Cold pressed juices are often preferred because the integrity of the plant remains intact
  • Blending mixes all the edible parts of vegetables and fruits, including the pulp, or fibrous portion. Think nutribullet.

A juice cleanse doesn’t include drinking supermarket reconstituted orange / fruit juice or heated vegetable juices. I did my cleanse while I was breastfeeding and didn’t notice any drop in my milk supply. However I would avoid doing a juice cleanse if pregnant and recommend speaking with your Dr before doing a juice cleanse especially if you are breastfeeding

But are Juice Cleanses really all that healthy?

The verdict is out when it comes to the health benefits of juice cleanses. A lot of the positive results are anecdotal. According to Amanda Beaver, wellness dietitian at Houston Methodist, there are a few downsides when it comes to juice cleansing:

  • macro and micro nutrient deficiencies – vegetable and fruit juice has small amounts of protein, helpful fats and certain vitamins such as Vitamin B12.
  • Removal of fibre – fibre is important for a number of reasons, one of which is “feeding” the healthy bacteria of the gut
  • Impact of low calories – this is why its important to do a quality cleanse that incorporates nut milks as well as vegetable and fruit juices.

Beaver’s main concern though was for people who had kidney issues as “Anyone with kidney disease should not undergo a juice cleanse,” warns Beaver. “The kidneys are responsible for removing oxalate, which can be found in high levels in some juices.”

I’m not a nutritionist

I am reluctant to counteract what Beaver has said as I’m not a trained or qualified dietitian. As with all health initiatives its always best to find a reputable provider such as Sol, who have experts on board and have planned their cleanses to provide optimal nutrients consumption and well being for the people doing their cleanses, as well as speak with your own health professional if you have any underlying conditions.

How to do a Juice Cleanse

Doing a juice cleanse is simple – Drink the juice and don’t eat the food. Ok, maybe there are a few more things to do

  1. Make sure you are doing your cleanse during a time where you don’t have a lot on. It’s important to take life a little easier during your juice cleanse
  2. Get prepared – go to bed early, cancel any social events and get rid of any tempting foods in the house.
  3. Implement other self-care routines. I did body brushing, warm baths and meditation
  4. Save your nut milk to last – they are so yummy and its good to have something to look forward to. It helps with sticking with the plan
  5. Drink lots of water. Your body will be cleansing and drinking water will assist in the cleansing process

Sol Cleanse

What I loved about Sol was they provided a little book outlining all the steps and included probiotics and psyllium husk to support the cleanse. They even provided guidelines if you felt you needed to eat and what you could do post cleanse.

What to look for with a Juice Cleanse?

With the number of juice cleanses available, it can be hard to determine between a quality cleanse and a junky cleanse. Here is what I look for when I do a cleanse:

Cold pressed organic juices, mostly vegetable

We all know the benefits of going organic, but having a cold pressed juice as opposed to a centrifugal juiced juice is always going to be best. Cold pressed juice protects and preserves the nutrients of the vegetables and fruits because the process involves gently pressing the produce to extract the juice and doesn’t involve or create heat. This means you get all the healthy benefits of the fruits and veggies. You get 100% of the vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and nutrients when you drink cold pressed juice.

Glass containers – ditch the plastic and be kind to the environment and your body

This was a big sell point for me with Sol. Not only is glass better for the environment, avoiding plastic is better for your health. A lot of the plastics used for juice bottles are not P.B.A free and there is the potential for toxins to be released into the juice. Also, I use my Sol jars to store nuts, seeds etc… in my pantry

Cleansing options

Are there different cleanse options – I love how Sol has a variety of cleanses available to meet your current stage of life. They have gentle cleanses, deep cleanses and active cleanses. Its great to be able to choose a cleanse based on what you want to achieve. They have put a considerable amount of thought into their juice cleanses


Comprehensive pre-cleanse guide + Daily emails to coach you through your cleanse. I have never experienced this before so when my kit came with this information I was blown away. It really made a difference to my experience and made the cleanse a lot easier and more motivating. In addition, Sol cleanse provided email support with their team of trained health professionals

Microbiome support

Gut health kit – having additional gut support like probiotics, psyllium husk and herbal tea means you are getting the gut support you need as you do your cleanse

Price – there is no price on good health, but…

A three-day cleanse can range between $180 to $400. Sol was $225 for three days

Bonus ingredient – love

Although you don’t really need to look for this with a cleanse, I was super impressed I received a metal straw and straw cleaner as well as a metal tea infuser. I love little touches like this as it shows how much they care.

I love Sol Cleanse

I want to state, I am not affiliated with, nor do I get any kickbacks from Sol Cleanse. I’m just a really happy client and loved my experience with them. Even Ronnie Junk Food Altit is going to do a Sol Cleanse with me next week.

juice cleanse sol

What did I learn from my Juice Cleanse?

I loved this cleanse and Sol provided some great resources to encourage reflection and thought. The biggest lessons I got from my cleanse was how much I mindlessly eat. I also found by day three I was craving vegetables and salads. All my want of chocolate was gone. It was great to be living with such energy and vitality and to see the dark circles under my eyes start to vanish. My relationship with food has always been interesting, I suffered with anorexia and bulimia through my teens and doing this cleanse enabled me to face some of the control issues around food and to see fuel as a source of self-care, self-love and most importantly fuel to live a great life.

Beyond cleanse

Although juice cleanses are great for a reboot or to include in a healthy lifestyle, its so important to see them as that. There is no point returning to normal eating if you want great health. Its about extending the principles into everyday life. At the moment I’m studying with Kimberley Snyder Roadmap so I can continue post cleanse.

If you’re thinking of doing a juice cleanse, check out Sol Cleanse. I am a massive fan and can’t wait for next week.

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