Journal Prompts for weight loss

85 Journal Prompts for Weight Loss Journal Prompts for weight loss

85 Journal Prompts for Weight Loss


We all know mindset is key for success. Tony Robbins says, “success comes down to 8% psychology and 20% strategy”. But when you think of mindset, knowing how to cultivate an empowered mindset can be a little tricky. This is where journaling can come in handy. I have always loved to journal, but I didn’t realise how important journalling would be when I started on my weight loss journey. Journaling has been my go-to every time I felt my mindset (a.k.a Miss chocoholic, couch loving, Netflix watching lazy pants) start to slip. Below are some of the best journal prompts for weight loss I’ve come across and I hope they bring value to you.

But before we get started (you can skip this section if you already love journaling and want to start writing)

Why do you need to journal?

The short answer is you don’t. You don’t need to do anything, but if you’re anything like me, chances are you probably have a few belief programs that made it ok to land at the weight you are. As a man thinketh, you know the saying, so he is… well as a Mamma believes, so she becomes.

My ‘excuse’ for not taking real care of my health sounded a bit like this.

“I’m tired; eating this chocolate bar is good for my tired soul. I can burn it off tomorrow.”

I love my baby and am focused on him. I don’t need to take care of myself right now. I am in a love cocoon.”

“I don’t have time for that now. It’s baby weight, and I can take care of this later.”

“I loved being pregnant. I loved my big belly and curvy bum. I feel so feminine.”And on and on it went…. Before I knew it, I was no longer my health loving self. In actual fact, it wasn’t until I saw a photo of myself with Austin that I realised how far I had gone. You see the problem with excuses like these; if they are practiced and indulged for too long, they ultimately become identities.

Changing this can be tricky, but journaling is one method that makes it easy to identify limiting beliefs and identities, forming new ones and ultimately supporting you in achieving your goals. It can also be a great avenue to deal with any emotions you might be experiencing and does far less damage than a tub of coconut mylk icecream.

How do I use Journal Prompts for Weight Loss?

Want the good news? Journal prompts the psychology of weight loss so much easier. If you think about what mindset is, it’s your brain asking and answering questions. Journal prompts are a great way to take charge of your mindset by asking empowering questions so you can think and vision differently. Although there is no right way to use journal prompts, I have found these strategies a great way to supercharge your journaling experience:

  1. write what you emotionally feel (or want to feel)- if you’re writing for the sake of writing, then stop wasting your time. Keep writing until you feel the thing you want to achieve
  2. write in the positive – rather than writing ‘I don’t want to be fat anymore’, swap it for the positive, such as “I love how long, lean and gorgeous I look and feel’. Use emotive words and build. Take the time to see what you want and connect with the identity of what you want, and then write. For instance, rather than writing, I go to yoga 3 x a week, connect with what it would be like if you were a yogi who cherished their daily practice. Chances are you will be writing about very different things
  3. write unapologetically – permit yourself to write what you want. I’m always surprised when I find myself ashamed to write down what I want. To achieve your dreams, say yes to yourself first. You deserve to have what your heart desires.

And most importantly… have fun. Journaling can be such a fun way to align your thinking to the best version of you – the Mamma who loves taking care of herself, being the best or her family and enjoys green smoothies and energetically moving her body

Let’s get writing!

Journal prompts for weight loss.

  1. As a fit, lean, gorgeous, healthy Mamma, what energy and vibrancy do I bring to my family, the world, and those I love?
  2. As a woman who enjoys fitness and movement, how do I show up for exercise? What do I believe about fitness? 
  3. As a woman who completely knows, loves, and understands her body, what is the best course of action for me to take to lose weight?
  4. If I was the world’s best health coach, what advice would I give me?
  5. How am I feeling today? If I wanted to feel my best, how would I hold my body, what would I believe, and what would I tell myself?
  6. Why is it an absolute must for me to lose weight?
  7. How will my life improve when I lose weight? Who will I be? What kind of Mamma, Wife, Friend will I be?
  8. What is the extra weight costing me in my life right now? 
  9. What is holding me back from losing weight? How can I release this barrier today?
  10. What is 1 thing I can do to work towards weight loss today? Why will I make sure I get it done?
  11. What will my goal weight give me? Why am I 100% deserving of my goal weight? 
  12. What is 1 healthy habit I’m willing to improve by 1%? Why will I love making this improvement? How can I make it motivating?
  13. What healthy, yummy, nourishing meals will I eat today?
  14. How will I lovingly move my body today? What would I really enjoy?
  15. What are my weight loss goals? Why are they important to me? 
  16. What progress have I made so far in my weight loss? What can I celebrate?
  17. Given that being healthy is my God-given right, what do I need to embrace today to receive great health?
  18. What have I learned about my eating habits? How can I improve them?
  19. What have I learned about my exercise habits? What can I change or improve when it comes to exercise?
  20. Who is someone I admire when it comes to health and fitness? What would they tell me to do? 
  21. If the person I most admire when it comes to health and fitness was living with me, how would we live this week together? What would I be doing? How would I show up?
  22. If I was to be paid a million dollars to reach goal weight while living my everyday life, how would I make sure I achieved my goal?
  23. What do I want to start doing for my weight loss? How can I do it my way?
  24. What can I stop doing to help me lose weight?
  25. What should I keep doing to help me lose weight?
  26. How can I make weight loss easy today? How will I celebrate my success?
  27. Where am I struggling with my weight loss? How do I overcome this struggle?
  28. What kind of relationship do I want to have with food?
  29. How does the version of me who has already lost the weight act? What does she say to herself?
  30. If weight loss were easy for me, what would I do?
  31. If I was totally aligned to living a healthy life and having the body I desire, How would I show up?
  32. What is something I did in the past that I doubted I could do, but I did it anyway? How can I apply that to my weight loss?
  33. How do I feel about my ability to lose weight? Why? How can I be completely confident I can achieve my weight loss goal?
  34. What negative thoughts do I have about my ability to lose weight? How can I make them positive?
  35. How do I want to feel about my eating choices at the end of the day?
  36. I am going to reach my goal weight because…
  37. Why do I absolutely love eating healthy, live foods?
  38. Why is my weight loss journey so fun and rewarding? Why do I absolutely love myself for taking all these great steps?
  39. If I was at my ideal weight, what decisions would I be making every day?
  40. How will I feel when I am at my goal weight? How will I walk? What other great things will have manifested in my life? How can I work towards them now?
  41. What is my true motivation for reaching my goal weight? What reasons make me comes alive? 
  42. What about my dream body am I allowing myself to receive today? 
  43. What would my life look like right now if I completely believed I could act from flow and be guided from within in achieving my weight loss goal? 
  44. What would be true right now if I fully knew I was already receiving and achieving my dream body and everything I desire about health and wellbeing? What beliefs, emotions, environment, behaviours, aligned and flowing action would be true?
  45. Who do I need to be now to have my desired body? 
  46. What would I be doing if I was truly following my healthy, life-giving, vibrant, body-loving, soul enhancing, spirit building path right now? 
  47. How do I best love and support myself in my weight loss journey? 
  48. How do I demonstrate kindness to myself today as I live into my ideal body? 
  49. What is the spiritual lesson as I lose weight? 
  50. What am I holding on to or storing that I can let go of right now that is preventing me from enjoying my best body? 
  51. What is going to get in the way of me achieving my ideal weight? What plans can I put in place to overcome these barriers?
  52. What is the full vision of myself at goal weight? What am I doing, seeing, feeling, saying, believing?
  53. How can I love myself even more today? 
  54. How can I release the weight with ease and grace today? 
  55. If I was to show up as my very best self, how would I treat my body? 
  56. If my best friend was in the same position as me, what advice would I give her about weight loss? How can I be a best friend for myself?
  57. How can I have an amazing and happy time achieving my goal?
  58. Why am I 100% confident in myself, and why do I believe in myself? 
  59.  Where is all the evidence that I can achieve my weight loss goal? I know I am capable of because…..
  60. If I were already at my weight loss goal and felt completely safe and enough, what would I be doing? 
  61. What ‘should’ you be doing? Why aren’t you? How could you? Why is this a good/bad idea?
  62. What worries would I like to release today about weight loss? 
  63. What standards would I be living with as a fit, healthy, hot Mamma?
  64. How can I be an energetic match to my weight loss goals? 
  65. What great decisions will I make today to align me with my weight loss goal?
  66. If you did know how to decide to get everything you want in your body, mind and soul, what would be going on?
  67. If you did know how to decide to get everything you want in health and body, how would you be feeling now?
  68. If you did know how to decide to be in the best shape ever, what emotions and thoughts would you be experiencing now?
  69. If you already knew for sure that you would get incredible results and there was no failure, what would be going on now?
  70. And if you already knew that you were the best you possible, how would you feel in your body now?
  71. What would it mean for you to be in the best shape of your life? 
  72. What affirmations would you live by as an extremely healthy and vibrant woman? Write 100 of them? How can you feel and live them now?
  73. If you were to uplevel your identity to being the best version of yourself, someone bursting with energy and vibrancy, who would you be? Can you be that now?
  74. If you were to step outside your comfort zone and take massive action to achieve your weight loss goals, what could you do? 
  75. If there was no fear, only love, how would you show up today? 
  76. What daily inspired action could you take today that you would be really proud of? How could you enjoy taking this action? 
  77. What does your ideal healthy morning routine look like? 
  78. What does your ideal healthy evening routine look like? 
  79. How can you give more of yourself to your goals? How great does this feel? 
  80. Are the beliefs I have about weight loss really serving me? What beliefs am I holding? What ones do I want to keep? Release? Supercharge? 
  81. Out of everything I have achieved in the past when it comes to weight loss, what is the most significant to me and why? What can I learn from this? 
  82. What would be a game-changer to my weight loss journey? How can I receive this today? 
  83. How can I think better, eat better, move better and sleep better today? 
  84. If I was to live as though I was already at my ideal weight, what would I do today? DO IT 🙂 
  85. Why am I so grateful for my beautiful body already?

That’s a lot of Journal Prompts

I highly recommend you reflect on 1-3 journal prompts for weight loss per day, ideally in the morning and right before bed. This way, you are priming yourself in the morning and programming your unconscious while you sleep. Take the time to really feel and reflect on your answers, so they matter to you.

If you have any great journal prompts for weight loss please share them below. I’m always looking for new prompts to spark my thinking?

Happy writing!

AKA Urban Mamma

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