How to live beautifully with Katrina Scott

How to live beautifully with Katrina Scott


Heard of Katrina Scott? No!?! Gurrrrrl, I have a great one for you – go and check her out on Tone It Up. Anyway, she has created this really great podcast called Live Beautifully. As I listened to her share her mission’s genesis, it dawned on me how much I wanted what she was talking about. I want to learn how to live beautifully. As some of you may know, I am on a mission this year to lose 30kgs and, in the process, learn the gift of self-love, the freedom of self-acceptance, and the happiness of putting myself out there and going for all my dreams and goals.

buuuuuut…. what I want even more than that is to live beautifully. I want to live in such a way that not only am I feeling great, but everyone, especially my son and Ronnie, who meet me, feels a sense of love, joy, and happiness.

This concept of ‘live beautifully’ has really struck a chord in my soul, but the truth is I’m not sure how to do that.

How do you live beautifully?

Katrina is someone I have always loved and followed. I love her spirit, what she has achieved as a businesswoman, her heart for her girlfriends, and how she parents her beautiful little girl. She has created a beautiful home and her relationship with her husband looks like a lot of fun. I know social media only showcases the image of what the creator wants to share, but you only need to look at the community she has created to see she knows a thing or two.

So on my mission to live beautifully, I thought I would do some stalking and see what Katrina has to say…..

Live beautifully tip one: Be Healthy, Move with Love and Nourish your Body.

Katrina sees health and fitness as a beautiful surrender to love your body. The focus of working out and eating well is creating health and confidence in the skin you’re in rather than punishing or trying to get rid of something.

She is passionate about women seeing the beauty, strength, and brilliance in their bodies by eating tasty, whole food meals, moving in ways that spark joy, strength of fun, and being part of a community of women who will celebrate you no matter what. Fitness and health are more than working out; it’s about being the best version of yourself and treating yourself with love and acceptance.

Katrina Inspired Action Step: Every morning, when you see yourself in the mirror, touch your heart and focus on how beautiful and remarkable you are.

Live beautifully tip two: Find your Passion.

Life is about living your passion and purpose, which means making a positive difference in others’ lives. If you listen to Katrina’s first podcast, “Live Beautifully – My Story to Live Beautifully.” all you can hear is her desire to bring people together, create a positive change in the lives of others and use your unique skills, passions and creativity to create something beautiful.

Katrina Inspired Action Step: Every day, ask yourself how you can make a difference in others’ lives of others? It could be as simple as smiling as you pass a stranger to brighten their day to starting your own business. Don’t discredit your gifts and talents; you matter, and you do make a difference. 

Live beautifully tip three: Love your Girlfriends.

One thing is evident, Katrina loves her girlfriends and is passionate about seeing them have beautiful experiences. You can see it in her posts and how she interacts with the Tone It Up community. From creating beautiful tablescapes for at-home dinner parties, dressing up in crazy leopard print unitards for a themed party, or having DIY girl’s night spa parties, she is all about helping her girlfriends live beautifully.

Katrina Inspired Action Step: Write a list of your best girlfriends and plan beautiful experiences to share with all of them. Focus on what would light them up and create magic moments for them. Book them in and have fun! 

Live beautifully tip four: Set your State.

Katrina is beautiful inside and out; you can tell for every booty yoga butt lift she has done; she has also repped as many self-love mantras. One of the rituals I heard her share was her morning shower ritual of setting her state. She has cultivated a beautiful ritual to set her emotional state to bring the right vibe to her environment.

Katrina Inspired Action Step: Every morning, while having your shower, pick three words you intend for the day. Two words are for what you will bring and give to others, and one word for yourself. For example, maybe you intend to live your day with Happiness, Love, and Courage. 

Live beautifully tip five: Follow your Heart and Intuition.

I love her story of when she met her friend and business Partner Karena, she had seen her working out at the gym a few times and boldly approached her and asked her out for coffee. Katrina lives her life based on her own inner guidance and what aligns with her mission to live beautifully. Imagine if you woke up every day and asked yourself ‘what can I do to create beauty in my life and the lives of others today’ and did exactly what your heart suggested. Can you imagine how different life would be? I think its so easy to get caught up with the heavy load of our to-do lists and negative thoughts we miss the opportunity to witness and be guided by our intuition.

Katrina Inspired Action Step: Ask yourself ‘ How can I live beautifully today?’, How can I create beauty in the lives of others?’ , ‘What beauty is available to me today’ and do what your soul tells you. 

I’m really looking forward to living beautifully and bringing these practices into play. Ill leave you with this little note I found on Katrina’s Instagram

“it’s ok to take care of our hearts, lead with gratitude, release expectations, and bring our own sunshine

☀️ let’s go into this week with open minds & thankful hearts 💛”

AKA Urban Mamma

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