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Ditch The Diet and Create a Healthy Lifestyle Change healthy lifestyle change

Ditch The Diet and Create a Healthy Lifestyle Change


The successful woman falls ten times but gets up eleven – oh how this is true for my healthy lifestyle change. One minute I’m sipping green juices and bending it up like a yogi and the next… well let’s just say, it started with “D” and ended with “eep Fried Wontons in Chilli Sauce with an Espresso Martini”.

Do you remember as a kid playing on a merry go round? You would all run as fast as you could to get the disc spinning and right when the speed was at its highest, you would jump on and enjoy the ride? Then there were the times, where maybe you slipped, and you would try to jump on mid spin only to be catapulted off. This is how health has been feeling for me. I feel like I start to get traction but each time it comes to consistently sticking, I get spat out only to find myself three steps further behind from where I started.

The healthy lifestyle change I promised my baby

Last night, I ran up the stairs because Austin was crying, and I was *gasp* out of breath. As I rocked him to sleep I remembered a post I shared when he was five weeks old,

“So, on his fifth week I commit to my health and getting back into shape, I commit to eating healthy, making the time to move and taking care of me. I read a quote the other day, “a child doesn’t need a perfect mum, they need a happy healthy one”. This is going to be my motto!
But this time I’m doing it differently, no restrictive diets, no punishing gym workouts just acts of self-love and care. Movement that feels great, foods that nourish. Time to dust off my PT hat and come up with a plan that is supportive of me as a Mamma! One that compliments this new stage of life and helps me create a happy healthy home!”

Have I stuck with this plan? Yes and No! I have had great moments of being healthy, doing juice cleanses, moving daily and then I have bigger moments of UberEATS, late nights up (not because Austin is awake, but because I resist going to bed early) and sitting on the couch not doing much in between sessions. In fairness I have had broken feet, bush fires and of course Corona Virus, but this isn’t an excuse. I want my son to have a healthy, fit and energized Mum. This weighs on me more and more because I’m 40. I also want to be alive for him as he gets older.

The reason I’m on a Merry-go-round is because I try to make drastic changes rather than build slowly and I also don’t stay accountable.  As I write this post, I can feel my inner critic rise, but to hell with her, I’m a woman getting up eleven. Making a lifestyle change is challenging, but its not impossible.

How the “truck” do I make a healthy lifestyle change?

According to the American Psychological Association (APA), a lifestyle change needs to be seen as an evolution, not a resolution. To be successful, start small, focus on one behaviour at a time and find a mechanism to be accountable. Let’s break this down

Healthy lifestyle change – Tip one: Make a plan that will stick

Ever finished writing a plan you know you’re never going to stick with? Yep! Me too!! A plan isn’t meant to be a procedure on best practice, its meant to be a way to achieve what you want. I love the idea of creating it like an adventure. If you make your plan one you know you can achieve and want to do, you’re more likely to stick with it. There are a few things to consider when planning. Are you being:

  1. Specific – saying you want to exercise vs go for a 30-minute walk at 7am is vastly different. By being specific with your plan you are better able to achieve it because you know exactly what you want to do
  2. Kind – starting day one with a 3 hour hike, vegan eating plan and 2 hour meditation session probably isn’t going to set you up for success. Start small and be kind to yourself. You don’t need to create a plan based on not being enough. Every step counts
  3. Focused – making too many changes all at once is crazy sauce. Get focused and decide what change you’re going to make and stick with it

Healthy lifestyle change – Tip two: Start small

Little changes done consistently over time lead to big results! Do I really need to say this in any other way? You got it gurrrrrrl!

Healthy Lifestyle Change – Tip Three: Change one behavior at a time

Will power is a lot like that dodgy boyfriend you dated in your 20s. It’s either abandoned you and partying with someone else or lazily hanging out and telling you not to worry. Replacing unhealthy behavior with healthy ones takes time, but if you do it one step at a time you will get to your result. The less changes you make the easier it is to manage.

Healthy lifestyle change – Tip four: Get a buddy

We all know change is easier if you’re doing it with someone else. I am in a weird spot of only having friends who are either super healthy (love them) or happy with how they are (love them too). Finding an accountability buddy can sometimes be tricky, but you don’t have to have one. Maybe its booking in walks every day with a different friend, or using this blog as your check in. It doesn’t matter how many people you need to get involved, do it! However, I do warn, a buddy is not responsible for your results, you are. So be the best buddy you can be for yourself.

Healthy lifestyle change – Tip five: Put yourself out there

Sometimes you have to draw a line in the sand and put yourself out there. Here are my starting photos!


Want to be my buddy?

Making lasting change takes time, commitment, and passion, but one thing is for sure – it can be done. The most important thing to remember is there is no perfection, there is no magical starting point where you will one day flip a switch and do everything all at once. It’s a gradual process of changing habits and using each day to get better and better. Each week I’ll be changing one habit at a time

From little things, big things grow

AKA Urban Mamma

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