Journal Prompts for weight loss

Follow Your Own Plan to Losing Weight – A Must for Mums Journal Prompts for weight loss

Follow Your Own Plan to Losing Weight – A Must for Mums



Ah, push it
Ah, push it
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Oooh, baby, baby
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PSA: today’s blog is proudly inspired by a little salt-N-Pepa as it’s sure to get you to move. 

Let me ask you a question about losing weight

Have you ever found yourself reading countless articles, books, blogs on how to lose weight or achieve a certain goal? Have you found yourself signing up for yet another program and desperately thinking, please God, let this work? I most certainly have. 

The reality is, we need to stop looking outside for our solutions and start looking within. I am most definitely a fan of self-education, but never at the expense of forsaking our own inner wisdom. I believe there are a few key factors that prevent us from following through on achieving our goals

  1. We don’t have a vision that inspires us
  2. There isn’t a propelling why to keep up committed
  3. We don’t have a plan we really believe in and want to do 
  4. The plan we have doesn’t work well with our current lifestyle
  5. Our identity isn’t aligned to what we want, and we don’t feel we are worthy 
  6. We’ve associated more pain to getting the goal then we have with where we currently are
  7. We haven’t set up our environment to support our vision – will power sucks 

All of these factors will eventually be covered as we work through Project Urban Mamma, but for today, let’s talk about taking action and how we can create a plan you not only believe in and want to do, but also one that compliments your lifestyle rather than competes with it. 

The mum who wanted to lose over 30kgs

Let me share a story, as a PT, I ended up getting a lot of ‘Mum Clients’, one of which wanted to lose 33kgs. Our first consult went a lot like this

Me (reading questionnaire): ‘So, you want to lose 33kgs?’

Her: ‘yeah’ (side way glance, shoulders slump, loud sigh)

Me: ‘you don’t sound all that motivated, why not?’

Her: ‘I’ve tried everything, I’ve woken up and gone to the gym at 5am because it’s the only time I can make, I’ve run marathons, I eat different meals to my family which taste like cardboard, I’ve done spin classes after work, I’ve weight trained and none of its working. I know you’re going to judge me and think that I must be lying and yep, I haven’t stuck to the plan 100% of the time. I have a young family and I work…”

Me: ‘tell me, why do you want to lose the weight”

Her: ‘ummm I don’t know’

Me ‘if you did’

Her: ‘I guess its so I can keep up with my kids. Last holiday we went skiing in Japan and I couldn’t keep up with everyone. I ended up staying at home while my husband and kids played in the snow. Also, I’m tired of all those judgey skinny bitch Mums at day care looking at me. I feel fat and exhausted and I know I’m being a shit mum as a result’

Me: ‘ahhh, got it. I have an idea….’

Why traditional weight loss programs don’t work for Mums

You see it wasn’t that my client was the problem, her program was. Her action plan was taking her far away from what she really wanted and worse off was making her do things she didn’t want to do. She didn’t want to run, she didn’t want to cycle, she didn’t want to eat (and cook) separately from her family. She also didn’t want to feel more of a failure. If you have an action plan, designed by and for someone else, rarely is it ever going to stick and work. One thing that use to frustrate me the most in the fitness industry was the snobbery to movement. If you were a PT, you could never go and do a Barre class as weight training and HIIT sessions were far more superior. My attitude back then, and now is different. Unless you are specifically training for an event then you have a lot more flexibility in how you achieve your goals. 

Tony Robbins had an excellent quote, “be committed to the outcome, but flexible in the how”, far to often we end up being flexible with the outcome and force ourselves to follow a how that was never going to work. If we want to see real change we need to stop looking outside and find our own action plan that will match our current lifestyle.

How to create an action plan that works for you

If you want to create an action plan that works for you, you need to give yourself options. Options are great as then you can choose what you want to do and if plan A fails, you have plan B through to Z as a backup. Most people when they start, give themselves one way of achieving their goals, often without even knowing their true vision or why. When losing weight as a Mum you have to give yourself options. Life is so unpredictable and if you only have one defined way, you’re going to struggle to get it done. 

Losing weight – We’re going to do it differently 

COACH ACTION: Grab a piece of paper, look at your goals and why and write as many ways you can achieve your goal. Don’t sensor yourself, write them all down. Go as crazy as you want. Think about all the things you would love to do; all the things you would need to support your goal and most importantly actions you know you can do. Also write down all the things you want/need to STOP doing.

Crafting a list of all the different ways I could achieve my goals felt liberating. I feel like I have choice 

Stop shoulding all over yourself

Often when we want to achieve a goal such as losing weight, we create a list of should, rather than wants. I can bet the list you have created has items on it that worked in the past, but no longer work with your current life, are strategies that work for someone else but not you, or frankly you just don’t want to do. Now is the time to get rid of that shizzle and do what you want. 

What is the solution to losing weight?

Remember my client from, the action plan we ended up using, and the one that ultimately resulted in her losing all the weight and keeping it off, involved cooking with her kids, going to the park and playing games, as well as dance classes with her husband on date night. The reason her previous plan failed was because it was hard, consisted of actions that took her away from her family and was uninspired. Your life counts and what you do everyday matter – make it fun and there is nothing stopping you from losing weight in a happy and fun way. 

COACH ACTION: Now go through your list, cross out all the points you DON’T want to do, Circle the ones you want to do and prioritise based on what is going to get you the results the fastest. For the sake of this blog, I’ve only included one page

While creating my vision why poster, I had a moment of, ‘why am I such a loser’, My friend H doesn’t have to put up goals and whys in her bathroom to lose weight. She just did it. Why can’t I just Nike myself fit? Sometimes when you first start a goal, especially when it feels a long way away, there can be resistance. Doing actions like we have over the past couple of days will help get you past the initial hump. We all have areas where we know we can smash it, its usually those areas that we get it done whether we have a goal or not. The benefit of having a goal though is you’re more likely to get exactly what you want and faster.  Tomorrow we will talk about creating a massive action plan

It feels so good to cross off things that I think I should do but don’t want to do. I feel lighter. It’s nice not having a list of should dos to judge myself against. I also feel confident I can stick to this plan.

Create a system, not a to do list

As a recovering perfectionist, when I see an action list, I start to think I need to do everything on it and perfectly. This is a recipe for failure, especially when you’re losing weight. The goal is to achieve the goal, not to do each action step perfectly. Life is messy and if we want to achieve, we must be comfortable to pivot and change so we can keep moving towards our goals. Sometimes its in the messy changes we come up with our best genius. 

System vs to do

Rather than create a to-do-list with all the actions you’ve listed, it’s important to create a system that allows you to complete your to-do-list. This system allows you act daily no matter where you are. 

For instance, you want to lose weight and you might put down ‘go to barre class 5 x per week’, but what happens if your partner is travelling and you can’t find a sitter? Does this mean you miss out for the week? NO, the goal wasn’t to go to barre class, it’s to lose weight. The system would be move 5 x per week and a way could be by doing barre class

COACH ACTION: Create your System list. If you want to download a blank copy of the template I use, click here

YAY! We’ve got our vision, our why and now our action plan. Tomorrow is all about getting clear on our starting base. Join me on instagram and we can do this together

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