Dear Fat People

Dear Fat People Dear Fat People

Dear Fat People


Soooooo I just watched Dear Fat PeopleI remember seeing it about five years ago when I was fit, lean, and fully fabulous (well, in my mind, at least). At the time I had mixed opinions about it. Part of me agreed wholeheartedly with the message, part of me laughed and another side of me cringed at how insensitive some of the sentiments were.

The only thing I remember thinking at the time was if I ever had a significant amount of weight to shift, I would do my own ‘Dear Fat People’ message to myself.

Dear Fat People… Dear Urban Mamma

Fast forward to my PT session today. So far I have been super positive about my sessions. I’ve come in feeling proud of my eating, loving all the exercise but today… SUCKED. I felt tired, grumpy, in need of a good burger and fries and pre-menstrual.

Last night I managed to sleepwalk and eat a bag of licorice bullets which proceeded to keep me awake from 2 am to 6:29 am. Right as I felt myself drift into the land of slumber, my alarm promptly woke me at 6:30 am for a walk date with a beautiful friend. The walk was… fast. My friend is a weapon when it comes to walking, we managed to do the course twice in the same amount of time it would normally take me to do once.

As I sat with my PT telling him about my falling energy levels with the hopes of maybe a stretch session, he suggested…

“Remember those times where you were feeling bulletproof Susie? I want you to write a letter from that place to yourself, reminding yourself why you love eating well, why you love training and why you know you can do it’

So here goes… here is my Dear Fat** People letter

**Now, before I get any comments about identity and how it’s bad to refer to yourself in such a degrading way, I just want to say, firstly, thank you for caring but I feel ok with it. Here is the reason why, it makes me laugh and not take life, or myself too seriously. I have a pretty dark and sarcastic sense of humor and as pixie positive, and optimistic as I am, I also love this more cynical and critical thinking side of me.

Keep going! You got this!

Dear Urban Mamma,

I know you are tired and the enthusiasm of starting is wearing off. I know you are working hard and doing all the right things with little reward or changes. I know you look at yourself and think, how did I let this happen. How did I get to this stage in my life. I also know there are a million excuses popping up but remember this, a year goes quickly. If you stick with what you are doing, day by day, when it comes to Christmas not only will you be looking fabulous, but you will be a better version of yourself.

Don’t Hate Yourself

Don’t hate on yourself now, stop asking the questions of why. This is a waste of time and will no doubt give you answers supportive of your love for chocolate love cake rather than motivation to go towards what will really satisfy you. Accept and love yourself as you are and look forward to who and what you want to be. You can do this and your dream is worth living for.

Remember how amazing it felt when you stood on the scale and you saw the results. Remember how fun it was walking with those you love, looking at beautiful beach views and how healthy you felt as you breathed in the salt air. Are you really going to trade this for some short-lived experience?

When the results are at a standstill

When you are feeling down about the scales not moving, or feeling sore because you have put in a massive effort in your workouts, or walked those extra 10,000 steps take a moment and reflect on your vision. Breathe the end result in as though you are already living it. Get aligned with your vision and the vibrational frequency of it. Feel how amazing it is and reflect on all the reasons this time you will achieve.

Think about Austin, he is worthy of having a happy, healthy, and energized Mamma. Think about Ronnie and the type of life you want to both lead and most importantly, think about yourself. Losing weight is more than the weight, it’s about who you are and who you will become. It’s about keeping your promise to yourself and loving yourself deeply enough because you have placed yourself as a priority.

Aren’t you tired of needing to be on a diet, or starting again on Monday? Aren’t you tired of walking around with this extra weight, dodging looking at the mirror because you can hardly recognize yourself? Limiting your life because you don’t look good in a swimsuit, or you don’t have the energy to last the day. Surely life is more than this kind of living. Don’t you want to get this done so you can go after bigger dreams?

You got this Dear Fat People

Come on, you know you can do it. Just focus on the next step and do your very best. You never regret a workout or choosing to eat a healthy meal. You never regret feeling great because you took care of yourself.

I love you and believe in you. Keep going so we can write a different letter….

Dear Glowing, Happy, Healthy Mamma….

AKA Urban Mamma

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