Slide CONTACT ME Why does the ‘contact me’ page always look either ‘so cheesy’ or ‘utterly boring’?

I remember my photographer saying, ‘pretend you’re on the phone laughing’. Out of all the photos taken this was the best (yep, they were all that good). Originally I wanted to write something like ‘if I can be this happy posing for a photo while pretending to be on the phone, imagine how happy I’ll be talking to you’, but given my smirk looks more menacing then happy, I’m just going to say ‘call me’. Hopefully, I’ll get at least one gold star because most of the time bloggers make it almost impossible to find the contact us page and mine is in the top navigation!

So, if you’re going to be a grump and send something negative I would recommend you do the following steps first.

Step 1: Turn your speakers up. Step 2: Hit play. Step 3: Dance like no one’s watching – make your boobs jiggle. Step 4: Get over the negative vibes and keep your comments to yourself or say something nice. Step 5: Smile! Today is a great day to have a great day