Limiting Beliefs – How to bust through them

Limiting Beliefs – How to bust through them


Liming beliefs… that Chesnut. Sadly, the number one reason most people don’t achieve their goals is because of limiting beliefs. You know the kind of beliefs swirling in your head, telling you, you can’t do something, or worse, you’re not good enough.


This morning I had just finished an awesome Xtendbarre Class. I went up to the Challenge Star Chart (I’m doing a 45-day Xtend Barre Challenge) and stuck my star on, marking I had completed one of the 4 classes for the week. I was feeling so good and as I thought to myself what an amazing week this was going to be… BAM! out of nowhere came a limiting belief

“Don’t say it’s going to be an awesome week, if you say it’s going to be good, then something bad will happen. Don’t get your hopes up”

I have no doubt this has been a consistent belief of mine over the last 40 years. As I became aware of the belief, I also noticed I was carrying a big ball of fear in my abdomen. I was afraid to believe I could have a good week. I was afraid something would go wrong. This is the problem with limiting beliefs, they have an ability to permeate so many areas of your life.

So what is a limiting belief?

A limiting belief can be defined as any thought you have repeatedly that prevents you from achieving the desired goal or happy state. A limiting belief is based on one or more of three foundations:

  1. You won’t be loved or will have loved pulled away (e.g. if I stop drinking for 8 days I won’t be part of the group)
  2. You are not x enough (e.g. pretty enough, good enough, old enough, young enough… you get the idea)
  3. Evidence-based but doesn’t support you. (e.g.” I’m busy and don’t have time to work out”. Although it may be true as a busy Mamma you don’t have a lot of spare time, the reality is there is always time for you to work out if you make the time. Saying to yourself over and over you’re busy isn’t going to help you achieve your goal

Although at first limiting beliefs may appear to be true, when you scratch the surface a little deeper you will soon see they have no real bearing on your ability to achieve what you want. If we want to live amazing lives, we need to do the work to clear these limiting beliefs, long before we take action

How do you know if you are in a limiting belief smackdown?

Have you ever started out on a goal, only to find within a few weeks you had lost all momentum, maybe you have struggled to be consistent in doing what it takes to achieve your goals? This would be an obvious sign of being in a limiting belief smackdown, but there are more.

You may be in a limiting belief smackdown if you

  1. are really hard on yourself – do you ever criticize and beat up on yourself when you’ve done something “wrong”?
  2. feel bad on a regular basis – of course, I’m not talking about depression, but if you often find yourself waking up in the morning feeling bad, chances are your belief system is at play
  3. blow up at the smallest thing and believe no one likes you
  4. lack confidence
  5. find yourself in a state of fear
  6. are told by people you are being negative or are too hard on yourself

Knowing you are in a limiting belief smackdown is the first way to get free

Anyway, back to my story… As I became aware of my limiting story and friendly accompanying fear emotion, the story of Eve eating the apple in the garden of Eden sprang to mind (if you haven’t guessed already, I love a good analogy).  I remember hearing this story as a kid in bible study and thinking…

“Gosh, Eve, why did you mess it up for all of us. Apples aren’t even that good” 

Stop eating the apple

As I stood in my Xtendbarre class, I realized I was eating the apple by believing this rubbish belief. You see, we are destined for great living. It is our birthright to have a happy, positive, fulfilling life, and every time we allow limiting beliefs to get in the way, we are trading our birthright for fear.

BUUUUUT the idea of letting go of the belief seemed scarier than the actual belief.

I had convinced myself I was protecting myself from bad things by believing something bad would happen (reverse psychology anyone?)  and not getting “too big for my boots” and having faith for the best.

I knew it needed to go… but how

How to let go of limiting beliefs?

I love reading everything, Gabby Bernstein. I love how she has a mix of practical and spiritual insights to really make a shift. I believe, if you want to let go of a limiting belief at a soul, body, and mind level you have to face it on all fronts. This is a process I have been using that has made all the difference. In the past I would always try to ‘logic’ my way out of limiting beliefs, but nothing would really shift.

Step 1 – Invite a shift to occur

Before you start any practice, its important to invite or set an intention for the shift to occur. This way you are priming yourself to make the change. I love saying the following

” Thank you for the awareness of ‘x’ limiting belief. I am now willing to release it. I acknowledge I feel ‘x’ right now. I forgive myself for holding on to this belief and for the impact it has caused on my life and those around me. I surrender to this transformation and allow my body, mind, and soul to be free. I thank you for this miracle”

Every time I set this intention I automatically feel a shift. I know I don’t have to do this alone and there is a stronger force at play helping me to to release.

Step 2 – Get Grateful

Being grateful is one of the fastest ways to get your vibe at a level to make changes. If you approach a limiting belief in a limiting state you are more likely to get more of the same. By focusing on everything you’re grateful for about the limiting belief, it no longer holds any power over you.

Let’s play with my “Don’t hope for the best belief”

I am so happy and grateful for

  1. the awareness of this belief. I am so happy now is the time for me to release this belief
  2. how much this belief has aimed to protect me and keep me safe
  3. the courage I am building and cultivating as I have faith for an amazing life
  4. how much of a trigger this belief is to make me an even better person
  5. bringing light in an area of the dark – I can now be even closer to the energy of the universe as I clear this limiting belief
  6. as this belief has allowed me to stay in my comfort zone and not get disappointed.
  7.  being protected against potential embarassessment

As grateful as I am, I am willing to release this because I want more than all those things and I am worthy of more. I now invite wonderful and great living into my world

Step 3 – Imagine how good life is with the belief gone. Pain the picture

From the place of gratitude, think about how life will look now the belief has been released

Continuing with my belief….

Now that I have released this limiting belief I love

  1. waking up every morning excited for the day, knowing I will have a great day
  2. how much belief I have in myself. I know, even if something doesn’t go to plan or how I want, this is nothing but a spiritual assignment to make me even better. I know I am capable of overcoming any obstacle and finding the blessing. I can smile at my future as I have a blessed day, week, month and year. The best is yet to come
  3. having the healthiest body
  4. going after my goals, believing in my ability to achieve them and worthiness to receive them
  5. I can enjoy good things, knowing there are many more
  6. I can wish great things on others because there is an abundance of goodness available
  7. I am happy

Step 4 – uplevel your belief

After you have listed all the ways your life has transformed up level them. Repeat every item you listed down out loud and then say… .“that’s right I am …….. Now that I am…… I can now…….”

For example

“I love waking up every morning excited for the day, knowing I will have a great day and there are blessings and goodness in store for me”

“That’s right, I do wake up every morning, excited for the day, knowing I will not only have a great day, but I’ll also have a brilliant day. That’s right, blessings and goodness are in store for me today.  Now that I wake up every day expecting the good I can now go for even bigger and brighter goals and have the confidence in myself to be loved more deeply. I can be more positive and fun for my son and I am an excellent role model for him.”

By leveling the story, you stretch what you believe is possible.

Step 5 – In the meantime

Once you have up-leveled all your new empowering beliefs, you can then get about taking action from this place of positivity.

In the meantime, I am going to work out, plan a trip with a friend, smile at the day.

List down whatever action will cement your shift as a positive thinking person

Anyway, I’m off to bust through some limiting beliefs and live the most amazing day. How about you?

PS If you want some great journal prompts to help with the process, check them out here

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