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The Best Baby Gift Ideas – Expecting Mamma Smiles Guaranteed baby gift registry

The Best Baby Gift Ideas – Expecting Mamma Smiles Guaranteed


Tonight, a friend reached out to me for baby gift ideas. He wanted things to buy a Mum who’s in the final stages of pregnancy to build his own personalised hamper. These are some of the recommendations I made based on what we loved. The items suggested were all the things we found useful, were of great quality and made us smile.

Sleep related baby gift ideas

Love to Dream Swaddles – I loved these and Austin lived in them when he worked out how to escape his swaddle (that one left hand always got out). I credit Austin’s ability to sleep in part to these suits. He was sleeping the whole way through by 8 weeks.

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We used our Dock-a-Tot non-stop. If you want to co-sleep, this item makes it a lot safer and you can get a good sleep while your little one sleeps as well. I also found it good as a portable change station when Austin was small. It also provided extra peace of mind when lying your baby on surfaces such as the couch

doct-a-tot baby gift

Large Swaddles – Aden and Anais

Having extra large swaddles is a life saver. Not only are they great for swaddling baby, they act as a pram windbreaker, changing mat, picnic blanket, top for Mum (yes I have done that). I loved Aden and Anais. The quality was really nice, and they handled being washed multiple times. If you want a nice organic range, Snuggle Honey Kids is the best.

swaddle baby gift

Pure Baby Zip Onesie

I love pure baby clothing – its organic and uses nothing toxic in the making of their products. A tip: buy baby wonder suits with a zip, not buttons. So much easier!! Bonds also do a great range

pure baby baby gift

Bath related baby gift ideas

Bath Support Chair

We were given ours as a hand me down and oh how I loved it. There are so many baby bath chairs, but this one rocked. We used it nonstop and Austin was always comfortable. I never felt uncomfortable having him in the bath  and it allowed me two hands to massage his head, pour warm water over his body and chat to him as I washed his body. They are also handy for the shower too and easy to travel with.

baby gift bath chair

Bubba Organics Bath Wash

I love this brand because it’s nontoxic, gentle on the skin and smells beautiful. I did find the moisturiser a little stingy on Austin when he was a newborn. We have only started using the moisturiser recently and he is fine with it.

baby gift bubba organics

Bondi Wash Baby Kit

I love love love this brand and their baby kit is beautiful. (Carl, who inspired this blog gave me this gift and I loved it). Non-toxic, beautifully packaged, and good for the environment.

Bondi Wash Baby Gift IDea

Baby Dressing Gown

At first, I thought this was a useless present, sure it was super cute and I loved receiving it as it looked adorable hanging in Austin’s wardrobe, but it turned out to be really useful. Pulling a wet baby out of the bath and wrapping them in a baby dressing gown makes life so much easier. You can tie them up as you get everything sorted. I wouldn’t use them as a dressing gown to wear, but as a drying tool, they are excellent.

baby dressing gown gift

Water Wipes

Oh! The joy of finding a non-toxic and affordable baby wipe. Thank you, Water Wipes,! You are the very best. They are known as the purest baby wipe on the planet. I also like their packaging is environmentally friendly too. There are a few “water wipes” on the market so its important to get the right version as the other ones are not as pure.

baby gift water wipes

Feeding related baby gift ideas

Bamboo Bamboo Baby Bowl with Suction Ring

These bowls are the only ones they stayed put. The spoon is not very helpful, but the bowl is excellent. I went through a number before finding this brand. Trust me, you don’t want to spend a bunch of time cooking baby food only to have it end up on the floor.

baby gift bamboo

Bumbo Multi Seat

This is a great seat to start off with. Not only does it grow with your baby, the table clips to the back of the chair for easy pack away. I love that you can strap it to a normal chair for extra stability. We sit our chair on our kitchen bench to feed Austin. At 10 months I am now wanting to get something more stable as he can make it rock but starting out this was a great purchase. Its also good for travel. Its important to get this type, as the other versions are not as well thought out.

baby seat

Ella’s Kitchen – Purple Book

This book is awesome as it spells out exactly what you need to do when starting solids. Although the recipes are not as healthy as I would like (I always include more veggies) they are always a winner. Although we did primarily Baby Led Weaning, having some puree options to spoon feed while Austin was figuring food out was great. The main reason I loved this book was because of the schedule and knowing when to introduce what.

Mamma related baby gift ideas

The first 40 days

Ok, so I drew the line at Placenta smoothies, but this book was great in preparing me for the first 40 days of having baby home. There is a lot we can learn about taking care of ourselves and this book was excellent. It covered everything from rest, nutrition, self-care and how to ask for help. I loved it

baby gift ideas for Mum

Pamper Kits

One of my Mamma friends bought me a beautiful pamper kit from Aesop. It was lovely to get a present just for me as there is so much focus on baby. She gave me a hand balm (as washing baby shizzle dries your hands out), a moisturiser and body wash. It was so lovely to have something pampering to enjoy

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No doubt you will find some great ideas from this list. I wish the Mamma to be a happy birth and I hope she (and bub) love these gifts

Happy Shopping

AKA Urban Mamma

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    Ah thank you so much, this is so incredibly helpful! I am in the same boat, looking to buy some gifts for my close friend and had absolutely no idea where to start. Lifesaver!

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      My pleasure! I want to go shopping now 🙂

  2. Wow, that’s a great list! Beautiful products. I’m now in the age bracket where I have friends who have Baby grandchildren, I’m going to pass this on so the Grandmas can give beautiful presents. Thanks Urban Mamma

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      CAT gear should have got a mention too 🙂

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