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My Baby’s Choking – Why Baby CPR is a Must mum doing baby cpr

My Baby’s Choking – Why Baby CPR is a Must


“My baby’s choking” are three words you never want to say. Doing a baby CPR course was such a good investment and one I believe every parent must make. Small decisions, such as signing up for baby CPR can have life altering effects. The only reason I even enrolled was because the two Mum’s who suggested it were fun to hang out with.

The day Austin was choking, is a day I will never forget. His little eyes looked at me in terror and his face started to change colour. He was trying to take a breath, and nothing was happening. I screamed to Ronnie and then something interesting happened. I automatically felt calm and did exactly what I learned with Tiny Hearts. All the practice and demonstrations flooded into my mind and one, two, three, the piece of food was dislodged, Austin was crying, and I stood in shock. Hearing Austin cry was the same feeling I had when he was born – pure joy!

You never believe something like baby choking will happen to you, but if it does, you want to know exactly what to do. There is no time for hesitation, panic, or fear.

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Review of Tiny Hearts Baby CPR

I have done a number of CPR courses throughout my life. The positive thing I would say about Tiny Hearts Baby CPR is they make it fun. The facilitators train you in ways you can never forget. They have you up moving and even at points shouting, so you can remember the steps you need to take. Although it feels silly, it was this reason I was able to feel calm and certain of what to do when Austin was choking. The steps were wired into my mind.

As part of the course you receive:

  • a quick reference guide for each emergency,
  • a beautifully designed fridge magnet with all the necessary help numbers (which I’m happy to have on my fridge – remember I told you branding was important)
  • and most importantly, skills to take home that could save your baby’s like.

why you need to do baby CPR

A scary stat, at least one baby dies every 5 days due to choking. That’s far too many babies for my liking.  Not to mention we haven’t even included stats on all the other topics Tiny Hearts covers. The reality is, you never think anything bad will happen to you.  Sadly, if you get it wrong the consequence are earth shattering.

As great parents, I believe it’s our responsibility to educate ourselves on the things, ‘risk’ associated with growing a little human.  Learning how we can be of assistance when trouble strikes is one of the greatest gifts we can give our children. Of course, we cannot predict the future and know everything, but baby CPR is a foundation every parent must know. As I write this, I think of parents who have lost their little ones due to something as common as choking and my heart goes to them. Not for a second am I shaming these parent for not doing a baby CPR course, that would be cruel and unnecessary, what I’m saying is don’t put doing the course off.

I remember when I first heard about Baby CPR, I fobbed it off. Frankly I didn’t want to spend the money, but I’m so glad I did. A few hundred bucks saved my son’s life. If you are reading this blog, make the effort and book in for the course. I hope you never need to use the skills you learn, but if you do, just like me I am sure you will be glad you said yes to baby CPR.

the story behind tiny hearts baby CPR

Tiny Hearts Education was born for a community need. Co-founder Nikki, a paramedic, noticed parents were faced with a devastating problem during crisis. They lacked the essential pediatric first aid knowledge to adequately respond to their child’s emergency. This lack of knowledge led to terrible outcomes; distressed parents, sick bub and in extreme and devastating cases, the loss of life.

Nikki teamed up with her sister Rach, and they have made it their life’s work to equip parents with the skills and knowledge to save the life of the little person who means the most to them.

How you can sign up for baby CPR

Signing up for a baby CPR course is simple – you just need to do it.

Tiny Hearts Education offers Baby CPR and a number of other courses. You can find all the details at Tiny Hearts Education.

(NB: I dont receive any kick-backs nor am I affiliated with Tiny Hearts. I’m just so grateful for their program as I’m not sure what the outcome would have been if I hadn’t done their course. Photo cred to Tiny Hearts)

Tiny Hearts Baby CPR

Love and healthy babies,

AKA Urban Mamma

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