5 Tips to Be a Great Parent

5 Tips to Be a Great Parent


How to be a great parent, a question every parent has asked themselves

PSA: if you have clicked on this blog, skip to the end, you are already a great parent. This list isnt meant to Mom shame or add more to your already full to-do list. Mamma, know you are already more than enoughSo if you’ve ever found yourself asking yourself ‘Am I a Good Mum’? Read On!  

We all want to give our very best to our children and it can be easy to get yourself into a bad case of comparison-itis after scrolling through all the Montessori inspired play at home mummy Insta and Pinterest accounts. But FEAR NOT Mamma, chances are you’re already doing an awesome job. So at the risk of being yet another Mummy Blog, here are the 5 best tips I received from Mum’s I really respect on how to be a great parent

Great Parent Tip 1 – Love Your Baby 

Lucky for us, loving our baby(ies) isn’t hard work. They are just so damn cute, even with a diaper full of poop and at 3 in the morning. Every moment you spend being present and enjoying your child and appreciating their wonder, awesomeness, and uniqueness you are already being more than enough. We all need love and children are no different. Enjoy your kids, appreciate them and allow love to lead the way. Loving your baby also means allowing them to be themselves, not a new and improved version of you. As we appreciate and love who our children are showing us who they are, while guiding them we empower our kids to know they are already more than enough. 

Great Parent Tip 2 – Model Healthy Behaviour 

Your life is always going to be your kids best curriculum. You can feed your kids all the organic veggies in the world, but if they see you stuffing down chocolate and cheese chances are their love for veggies isn’t going to take hold. If you want to give the best to your kids, then lead by example. Work on areas in your own life so you can be (and demonstrate) better. Some areas you might want to consider, how you interact with your partner, do you exercise and eat healthy, are you laughing and having fun. A happy Mamma is the best gift you can give your little ones.  

Great Parent Tip 3 – Remain Curious, Courageous and Fun Loving 

As a parent you become part schoolteacher, part life coach and part entertainer. If you want your kids to have a love and enthusiasm for life, then you need to have the same approach. Put down your phone and get out in the world and have fun with your little ones. Sit on the grass in the sun, jump in puddles, explore the world and remain curious. Make learning fun and encourage a joy of learning by actually enjoying what you’re learning with your little ones. I know I’ve been guilty of being on the phone while Austin plays with some cool sensory activity. It wasn’t until I got my hands dirty and really enjoyed the process he could. Being a great parent is as simple as being there for your child

Great Parent Tip 4 – Know you don’t have to do it all yourself 

As the saying goes, it takes a village to raise a child and exemplary Mamma’s are happy to receive help from others. Not only does it give you a much-needed break, but it allows your baby to enjoy the unique experiences of someone new. Of course, you want to be selective as to who is influencing your little one but having other people play and love your baby can only be a positive. A great parent knows how to ask for help

Great Parent Tip 5 – Know you are their parent, not their best friend 

Being a great parent means you can’t always be the popular one. Although the role of parenting is built on love, affection and friendship, a major component of parenting is functional. You have to discipline, feed, bathe, change diapers and do what’s best for your kid. Even at 9 months old there have been times where I want to give in and let Austin have what he wants (chocolate Easter Eggs) but I know my role isnt to give in and be his friend, its to do what’s best for him (kale + berry smoothie perhaps?) 

Did you find these tips useful? I would love to know, post in the comments below 

From little things, big things grow

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