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I’m learning being a Mamma is not about ‘the rules’!
It’s about breaking the rules and doing things your way

Sooooo my story isn’t like most – in fact I wasn’t expecting to be a Mamma. I was happy with my life. I had a great job that ticked every box, was in a new relationship with an incredible man and was about to embark on a new life of travel, business building and doing whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. My life was all planned out… or so I thought. They say God* laughs when we make plans and oh how he had a different plan for me. I was to become a Mamma when I was told I never could.


The one thing I knew, not only would my life need to change – I needed to change.
My priority had to move from career and “me-centredness” to “us-centeredness”. If I was going to have this baby I had to get rid of all the BS holding me back and embrace motherhood wholeheartedly.

I don’t know if this sounds like you. But if it does…

If you’re any kind of mum – a mum to be, a new mum or a mum who has kids running around – and you’re craving to break the rules of motherhood and be the best version of yourself (while not having to be perfect) then keep reading.

*Let’s not get into some religious debate or determine if God is male, female or a gender-neutral self-identifying paperclip.
I believe in and love God, but you do you (smile! It’s okay to laugh and not take everything so seriously).

Give Birth to Your Goals.

Give Birth to Your Goals.

Give birth to your goals she said! It would be fun she said? What the heck does it mean?
Healthy Chicken Coconut Curry with Vegetables

Healthy Chicken Coconut Curry with Vegetables

Ditch the fatty, high calories curry and try this yummy veggie-loaded Healthy Chicken Coconut Curry.

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Disclaimer: I’m not an expert, I’m a new Mamma with a passion for all things health, baby, home and positivity.
I’ve created Urban Mamma to connect with other Mammas and share ideas to rewild motherhood.